Although it may seem otherwise, summertime is officially upon us. And you know what that means: short-shorts, bikinis, and Instagram feeds filled with floppy summer hats are coming our way. These hats are not only fitting for any Hamptons adventure, but they’re also practical for battling the intense summer sun.

While sunscreen is a great way to keep your skin guarded this summer, it only lasts for so long, especially when you’re sweating it off in the intense heat. That’s where these floppy hats for women come into play: they’ll keep you guarded from the damaging UV rays of the sun, and keep you cool with your own personal shade.

But, don’t assume that these hats are just for protection from the sun. Hats for women are also extremely stylish for the summer months, and give your style a rustic, Americana touch. And this is not a new concept of style: these hats have been around for decades, if not centuries. While they first arose in Ancient China, these hats grew in American popularity by the 1950s. You can thank this rapid floppy hat epidemic to the film My Fair Lady, which is reported to be the main cause that brought this trend to the forefront of fashion.

With these dramatically large hats showing up on the big screen, just about every woman wanted to emulate the class and poise the hats brought. The hats for women fever only grew stronger in the 1950s, when the sunny island of Hawaii became an official state, causing a whole wave of tropical appreciation (and maybe some appropriation) to hit the nation. During this time, ladies from the East to the West Coast strutted around the beach in these hats to keep their skin burn-free while looking chic and fabulous in their swimsuits, espadrilles, and matching straw totes.

Fast forward to now, and it seems like hats for women have gone through a bit of a transformation. They’re definitely smaller in size from the floppy hats of the past generations, and they come in a whole array of colors and patterns. But, it also feels like every sorority girl in the country wears these hats to summertime derbies and formals. And who can blame them: these hats are fun, timeless, and add a vintage air to any look. It’s the ultimate hat for the summer because it embodies everything we love about this season: playfulness, femininity, and tranquility.

But, we do have to admit, these hats for women are feeling just a tad played out. That’s why we’re getting ready to press the refresh button on our pile of floppy summer hats and grabbing some contemporary pieces. We’re ready to wave adieu to our basic straw hats and say hello to some styles that reflect our more modern tastes.

From the “minimalist” moment to the abstract, these hats put a complete spin on the centuries-old summer floppy hat trend, all while providing the same sun protection you’ve known and loved. So, if you’re ready to retire your go-to floppy, grab one of these hats for women for a spruced up summer look.

Top off your summer style with the best floppy summer hats for women (and men, too).

Eugenia Kim Augusta Transparent Woven Sun Hat

If you need some minimal coverage on a cloudy summer day, then grab this mini floppy sun hat from Eugenia Kim. This transparent woven sun hat adds a light compliment to your summertime looks, and is perfect for those days when you want some mild protection from the sun. It’s sheer material allows this hat to feel light and breathable on your head, not weighing it down with any unnecessary trinkets and embellishments. Simply put, this is the coolest, calmest, and most casual of all the hats for women, just like our attitude for this summer. Wear this floppy hat with your favorite graphic tee and denim shorts for a relaxed vibe.


Augusta Transparent Woven Sun Hat

$395 $219.99

San Diego Hat Company Fruity Brim Sun Hat

In case you haven’t noticed, the watermelon trend has been hitting big in the summer beauty scene. And apparently, it’s seeping into the fashion world through this floppy summer hat from San Diego Hat Company. This fun and vibrant hat has a wide brim with a flamboyant watermelon design. The design heavily juxtaposes the subtle star cap, making it the ultimate oxymoron piece of the summer. This watermelon graphic is one of our favorite hats on this list for its fun and almost childish attitude. If you’re not into watermelons, there’s also a more subtle lemon design that can fit into any of your everyday outfits for the season.


Fruity Brim Sun Hat

$48 $29.99

Gottex Punta Cana Embroidered Floral Sun Hat

We’ll admit it: we’re obsessed with florals, especially during the warmer months. We just love showing our appreciation for the botanical moment in fashion, which is why we’re reaching for this floral-decked hat from Gottex. This lively hat bring our floral addiction to a whole new level with big, bold, blue flowers. The heavy contrast of the design with a minimal straw base gives the average idea of a sun hat a whole new twist, and we’ll shamelessly say that we’re here for it. This floppy hat is smaller in size than most, but still gives you all of the shading you need on a hot summer day.


Punta Cana Embroidered Floral Sun Hat

$155 $54.99

Eugenia Kim Mirasol Trimmed Sun Hat

Not ready to abandon black for the summer? We get it, black-on-black is a posh style that looks amazing on everyone, but it’s just not practical for the hot days ahead. So, let your summer style thrive while giving it a goth edge with this floppy Eugenia Kim summer hat. This hat is brimmed with black and covered in black feathers, while still staying true to its summertime roots with a classic straw base. This hat serves you a femme fatale vibe that gives your summer looks a rebellious attitude, making it fitting for any free spirit with an edge.


Mirasol Trimmed Sun Hat

$475 $269.99

Hat Attack Woven Fringe Sun Hat

Summer is the thriving moment for anyone who loves a boho-chic look. Summer is all about being unruly and following your wanderlust-filled heart, so step into the bohemian life in style with this fringe-decked hat from Hat Attack. This hat has a tan woven style that looks similar to many other floppy hats, but stands out from the rest through its multicolored fringe decor. The large brim of this hat is embellished by this fringed detailing, which makes it a great poolside piece for when you want to stay cool for the summer while standing out as the life of the party.


Woven Fringe Sun Hat

$90 $19.99

Lola Hats Espartina Raffia Floppy Sun Hat

Tip your hat to the vintage looks of yesteryear while staying modern by grabbing this floppy hat from Lola Hats. This hat has a black ribbon tie to keep your hat in place (or just to give it a cool touch), but shakes things up by weaving the ribbon boldly into the straw hat. This contemporary turn on this hat is topped off with a curled brim, giving a nod to the floppy hat’s cousin, the sombrero. This one of a kind hat is the ultimate headpiece for keeping you guarded from sun rays while staying current and mod.


Espartina Raffia Floppy Sun Hat


Eugenia Kim Honey Wide-Brim Pom-Pom Sun Hat

This summer, we’re predicting a major wave of pom pom detailing for their whimsical nod to our nostalgia-fueled craving of early 2000’s styles. So, we’re living out our Limited-Too-fueled dreams with this floppy hat from Eugenia Kim. It may seem like nothing out of the ordinary at first, but once you notice the technicolor pom pom, you’ll realize that this is the statement piece you need for some retro vibes. This hat combines the class and poise of the 1950’s with the boisterous charm of the 2000’s, making it a showstopper for any of your summertime occasions.


Honey Wide-Brim Pom-Pom Sun Hat

$435 $219.99

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