Stylist-Approved Styles For Your Face Shape: The Heart Edition

We’re all about the “do what you want” concept when styling your hair (power to ya!), we get it if you want to dig a little deeper with your next ‘do. If you’re a hair perfectionist, then you probably know that your face shape and hairstyle go together like PB&J: when matched right, they create styling harmony.


While other face shapes may have to struggle to find the best face-framing cut, there’s one that has a little more leg (err, hair?) room: the heart-shaped face.


For those of you who are a little confused about your face shape, have no fear, because Sarah Lund, STYLE.MASTER for the cult-favorite hair care brand KEVIN.MURPHY, is here to help. She notes that heart shaped faces are typically characterized by a wider set forehead with a smaller chin that comes to a point, paired with chiseled cheekbones. A few prime examples of the heart-shaped face include Reese Witherspoon, Priyanka Chopra, and Blake Lively.


Styles To Avoid When You Have A Heart Shaped Face


First off, with a heart shaped face, your natural focal point is your forehead. Usually, heart shaped faces have a slightly bigger forehead than other face shapes, so they tend to try to minimize its appearance. So, Lund advises getting a haircut that will balance out your features.


“You want to avoid cuts with lots of volume up top or a wide heavy fringe as they tend to make the chin look too small,” Lund says. Try to avoid any crown-heavy hairstyle, as it can drown your facial shape and hide the beauty underneath your tresses.


Another style to avoid: a blunt, angular bob. “It is a good idea to avoid a sharp angled bob that draws attention to the dainty chin area,” Lund says. Instead, opt for a cut that will soften your sharp angles to balance your features.


The Best Styles For Heart Shaped Faces


When looking for a new ‘do, celebrity hairstylist Andrew Fitzsimons recommends finding a cut that will bring all of the drama to your best facial assets. “Heart shaped faces tend to be wider by the brows and narrow by the chin, so the best styles for this face shape brings focus to the eyes and those killer cheekbones,” he says.


Also, feel free to go all out and experiment, as Fitzsimons notes that heart shaped faces tend to be more universally forgiving to a wide range of hairstyles and cuts. “Heart-shaped faces are perfect for ‘cool girl cuts’ and can rock anything from pixie cuts, long bobs, or side swept bangs,”  


But overall, Fitzsimons says that the best way to find the most fitting haircut for your face shape is to consult with your stylist before settling into the salon chair.


Need some styling inspiration? Below, check out some of our favorite expert-approved hairstyles for your heart-shaped face.




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One of Fitzsimon’s top picks for heart-shaped faces is the classic lob. “It’s flattering for anyone with a heart-shaped face or a defined jawline,” he says.


To create a sleek lob like above, you’re going to have to whip out your favorite smoothing spray and hair straightener. If you’re in need of a new smoothing pre-treatment spray, then give your locks their best pinstraight look with the IGK Good Behavior Smoothing Spray.



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“The best thing about a heart shaped face is that they usually come with those coveted high cheekbones,” says Lund. “Face framing layers will accentuate that feature while adding weight towards the bottom of the face. If you are looking for a fringe, be sure to keep them light and long with a lot of texture.”


To create this textured wave hairstyle, tussle your locks with this wave spray from OUAI.



Wave Spray



Blunt Cut


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I know, we said blunt cuts are usually a no-go for heart shaped faces, but hear Fitzsimons out:


“A blunt cut is fantastic when cut at the proper length to highlight all your best features,” he says. “This trendy versatile cut looks amazing both textured or sleek and will definitely continue to be a classic beauty look well into 2019.”


For heart-shaped faces, you’re going to want to go with a shoulder-length cut, and a more textured style creates a softness on your angular features. Add some tousled texture to your blunt cut with a texturizing mousse, like the Oribe Surfcomber Tousled Texture Mousse.



Surfcomber Tousled Texture Mousse



Pixie Cut


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As Fitzsimons said before, an edgy pixie cut is a fun way to shake up your style. To give your face some more balance, try creating a pixie cut with long, fringed or messy bangs that sweep across your forehead.


To give your pixie an edgy vibe without looking like a straight-up mess, use a pomade to get the style you’re craving. This mid-weight matte pomade from OUAI will hold your style in place from day to night, without weighing down your short tresses.



Matte Pomade



Side Swept Bangs


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Fitzsimons also previously recommended side swept bangs, a classic style for anyone who’s not about the full-on blunt bang look. It’s easy to style, and just as easy to grow out if you get bored of it. Either way, it will always look prim and polished, which is why it’s such a timeless look.


If your bangs are falling a little flat, then use some hairspray to amp up the volume. The Briogeo Blossom & Bloom Ginseng + Biotin Volumizing Spray acts as both a volumizer and a dry shampoo, so you can give your bangs a fuller look while skipping the shower.



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