Here’s A Fun Style Tip To Keep In Your Back Pocket

The all-too-common scenario: Your alarm goes off, you groggily wonder why you set it so early, and you snooze for another 25 glorious minutes before finally getting up. Once the usual get-ready boxes are all ticked off (shower, breakfast, makeup) you’re left with 10 minutes. Regrettably, if you’re human and like most women, your morning brain is not always capable of swiftly and seamlessly assembling a great outfit. It’s not your faultit’s just a truth that having an ‘on’ day isn’t as common as having just an ‘alright’ one.


The resolution to this dilemma could go one of two ways: Either you wake up earlier and spend more time trying on outfits (meh), or you start mentally filing away style tips that you can quickly apply to your existing wardrobe. Because sleep is always a big crowd pleaser, the latter is the more likely choice.


There are infinite amounts of style tips, hacks, and secrets in the world, many of which you are probably already privy to. But this one in particular encourages a more playful approach to dressing. The trick? Mixing and matching animal prints.


Mixing prints, in general, is a styling tip that many fashion editors have waxed poetic about for years. When it comes down to executing the trend in your own closet, though, it can feel more like getting dressed after having a couple of glasses of wine: inadvisable. Find a happy balance and stick to solely animal prints. They typically fall in similar color families and tones, which means it’ll be easier to layer them on top of each other. Plus, they’ll team well with other neutrals in your closet. It’s a win-win, truly.


Below, a few examples of how to pull off this look, as well as some cute animal print pieces to help refresh your wardrobe.

Here’s a Fun Style Tip to Keep In Your Back Pocket

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Despite wearing tiger, zebra, and cheetah prints in one outfit, Caroline Issa manages to put together with the rather simple addition of a black blazer.

Here’s a Fun Style Tip to Keep In Your Back Pocket 3

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Burberry’s Spring 2019 collection included pops of Dalmatian prints, which feels unexpected and youthful in a sea of more traditional cheetah and python skins.

Here’s a Fun Style Tip to Keep In Your Back Pocket 1

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If you’ve invested in the snake pattern trend for spring, style it with an animal-print slip skirt and solid sweater for an outfit you could feasibly wear to the office all the way through after-work drinks.
Here’s a Fun Style Tip to Keep In Your Back Pocket 4

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Even if one of your animal prints is in a pop of color, like Rochas’ chartreuse leopard, it’ll still tie the look together if your alternating patterns are in neutral hues.

Here’s a Fun Style Tip to Keep In Your Back Pocket 2

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Leopard and python = A match made in the (wardrobe) jungle.



zebra print top – White



Tiger Satin Midi Skirt



leopard print pumps – Brown



cow print shirt – White



snake print trench coat – Neutrals



Mixed Print Silk Dress



Roxy Calf Hair & Leather Hobo – Leopard



Leopard Print Smocked Dress



brown and black Leopard Print Boots

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