Live like Kevin McCallister — all you need is your dad’s credit card.

Should you be so inclined to pull a Kevin McCallister — and have an extra $900 laying around — you can live out your childhood dreams at the Plaza Hotel this holiday season.

First things first, the food: You can order an “over the top ice cream sundae” that will be delivered via room service and made to your liking by your very own butler. At the Plaza’s in-house restaurant, Todd English Food Hall, you can order upscale versions of Lunchables, SpaghettiOs, and Hot Pockets. Dubbed the “Home Alone 2 Anniversary Room Package,” you’ll also receive a branded backpack and a copy of the “Anniversary Edition” Blu-ray, along with express passes to visit the Empire State Building.

We must say, we’re a bit disappointed that a cheese pizza isn’t included in the four-hour limousine tour of New York City, but if you can afford the Home Alone 2 experience, then you can probably spring for the pizza. The package is available to book starting December 1 and running through October 29, 2018 — just in case you want to experience a little holiday magic in July.


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