These Nails Will Make You Look Like A Literal Snack

Do you love hot sauce? Like, love love hot sauce? A love that’s pure enough to dedicate your fingers to a bottle of your favorite condiment? You do? Good, because now you can have your preference plastered across your claws with the wildest new nail trend: Tabasco nails.

Nail artist Vivian Xue Rahey of Pamper Nail Gallery started the trend by taking her fiery infatuation with the spicy sauce to the next level, branding her thumb with a replica of the bottle. Just like her favorite condiment, these nails are red hot, perfectly crafted, and—if used improperly—obtain the ability to blind someone.


And if you think the buck stops at this fiery design, you’re deeply mistaken. If this nail art spark some cravings for a new mani, then wait until you check out more of our favorite food-inspired nail art.

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Pepsi~Cola nails for @sa.ndra744 I did this set the night we had the earthquake and had to stop the 🎨 because I couldn't paint a straight line after that! 🥴 She was nice enough to come back in and let me finish. I had ice cubes left from the ones I made for the Coke set. Now I might need Dr.Pepper ones too. This popped in my head when we were topcoating!👇 "If in Heaven we don't meet, hand and hand we'll bare the heat. And if it ever gets too hot, Pepsi~Cola hits the spot." Loved me some Laverne and Shirley! @pepsi @wildflowersnails (all art is Wildflowers gel paint) #pepsi #pepsicola #pepsinails #milkandpepsi #laverneandshirley #inmnails #inmacrylic #tammytaylorgelegance #bluefoil #handpaintednailart #soda #icecubes #3dnailart #wildflowersnails #wildflowersgelpaint #nailsmagazine #nailpro #nailpromagazine

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