There’s only a handful of days left to catch MoMa’s “Is Fashion Modern?” exhibit, an exhibition that explores all of the iconic fashions, however big or small, luxury or mainstream, they may be. It was the first fashion exhibit the museum has had in 70 years, and overall, it received rave reviews. Now, to send things off with a bang, they’re letting some of the most relevant artists today “steal” their logo.

Artists including Ava Nirui, A$AP K, Mackenzie Younger and Awol Erizku are creating the latest in high-fashion counterfeits for MoMA, similar to how Alessandro Michele recently “ripped off” his own brand with “GUCCY” sweaters. MoMA hosted a PopRally with tongue-in-cheek “counterfeit” items for a limited-edition capsule collection to celebrate their exhibit.

Mackenzie Younger, whose work has been seen everywhere recently, told i-D he “bootlegged their permanent collection,” making work inspired by artists whose work was public domain because they had been dead for over 70 years. Awol Erizku, meanwhile, created a burglar ski mask with the MoMA logo on the hem — something we didn’t know we wanted, but certainly do now. Who knew the hottest drop would be at MoMA?

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