How Pete Davidson, Big Sean, and Ariana Grande Are Linked

Talk about a love triangle. In a recent interview with Variety, Pete Davidson told the magazine that he got his first tattoo at the tender age of 17. The odd part? The tattoo was a “tribute” to rapper Big Sean, Ariana Grande’s ex-boyfriend.

In case you haven’t been obsessively tracking celebrity relationships like it’s your job (like us), then it’s important to note that Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson recently got engaged. Davidson, 24, proposed to Grande, 25, while the two were stoned in bed together. Who said romance was dead?

Don’t be alarmed though, as Cosmo notes, the tattoo is not of Big Sean’s face, which apparently Jhené Aiko actually has somewhere on her body. They’re just lyrics to Kanye’s 2012 song “Mercy” featuring Big Sean. He liked the way that Big Sean said “swerve” in the song so much that he decided to have the phrase permanently added to his leg.

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