How to Make the Classic White Tee and Jeans Work in the Summer

White tees and denim jeans sound like a snazzy summer song title cruising drop-top down PCH (Pacific Coast Highway). Cue Jaden Smith lyrics here. The dynamic duo has become a systematic fashion pairing dating back to the 1950s Rockabilly era. Today, the quintessential pair continues to be a hit amongst both young and old crowds. It’s something about the freeing feeling of thoughtlessly pulling a white t-shirt and denim jeans that emphasis summertime fine, but somehow only reflects a picnic in the park rather than a lunch meeting with your boss.

So, how does one style up summer’s most celebrated style staple in a way that won’t offend but become a recommendation amidst even the most prude co-workers?

When it comes to workwear during the summer months, we always suggest to err with caution in a way that isn’t predictable and boring, but a zesty supplement that expresses one’s personal style. The classic tee and jeans combo is an excellent option for “casual Fridays” in an environment that has a dress code or for more casual settings when you just can’t be bothered to go with anything else.

How to Make the Classic White Tee and Jeans Work in the Summer 1

Tips to remember: Make sure you have the proper undergarments when it comes to white t-shirts, and yes, we’re all about “Free the Nipple” but take our foolish advice as the workplace may not be the best environment to display what your mama gave ya. A thick cotton-blend, crew neck is a great option to live by.  

When it comes to denim cutoffs length is key, so you don’t want to go Daisy Dukes per say, but anything mid-thigh and below would be your best bet. Also, remember a looser fit is always office friendly you don’t want to make a trip to the bathroom. To keep things fresh and smart, tuck your white tee into your denim shorts and top things off with a belt, matching strappy sandals, and a dainty gold necklace to contrast with your lily white tee.


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