How to Pull Off the Mom Jean

The coveted Mom Jean arose to fame during the 1980s a time of consumerism, materialism, and excess, in this case, an excess of fabric around the zipper region of denim blue jeans accompanied by an additive of unflattering pleating. Middle-aged women across America clamored at the latest sensation that swept the nation as comfortability won the game of style.

The high-waisted phenomenon was often rendered in a solid, light blue wash making a woman’s lower half appear longer and flatter in proportion. Sounds like a recipe for distress but it was a hit. Fast-forward to present day, two decades later, and our fascination with the mom jean has resurrected from fashion’s ashes once again.

How to Pull Off the Mom Jean 1

Contrary to the 1980s when the neighborhood soccer moms banned together in a long-derriere front, the 21st-century’s resurge of the mom jean caters to a younger crowd known as the millennial and Gen-Z uprising. The sudden popularity of all things high-waisted and denim can be accredited to fast fashion with the likes of ASOS, Topshop, and H&M. While yes, they can appear unfavorable in certain areas it all comes down to personal style and what works for you.

Our take on the trend veers towards accentuating the slimming waistline effect that mom jeans can create, instead of layering or tucking an oversized blouse into your jeans how about a plunging, v-neckline crop top. A crop top will draw attention to your narrowing waist, flaunt a more hourglass figure and the neckline will emphasis your decolletage. Also, throw in a whimsical print like polka-dots to add a bit of flare. Layer gold pendant necklaces and vintage circular frame sunglasses for a more relaxed “cool-girl” approach.


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