How to Raid Your Boyfriend’s Closet Like a Pro

Ladies, how many of us are guilty of taking a healthy scrummage through our man’s wardrobe? It starts with a simple oversized t-shirt to sleep in, and next thing you know you’re belting his blazers and stealing his classic collared shirts to concoct your own Jacquemus creation. We’ve all been there, and nope, there’s no shame in admitting that men’s clothing has become our best mate. Who wants to forever be constricted to a bodycon dress all day, not us! We’re all about that comfortability type flow.

The inclusion of men’s clothing is nothing new as the androgynous approach has made its mark in fashion history since the turn of the century with risk takers such as Marlene Dietrich and Grace Jones contributing to the freeing trend; even rationing during World War II resulted in women to “Make do and Mend” through the use of their significant other’s closets.

In recent seasons, women are quickly embarrassing that fashion and “dress codes” haven’t been dictated to dressing as a particular sex, and being deemed feminine should not always result in frilly dresses and high-heels. It’s all about proportions, use of silhouettes, and play on trends.  

How to Raid Your Boyfriend’s Closet Like a Pro 1

The button-down collared shirt is a predominant piece in every man’s wardrobe, but put a twist on it. The oversized silhouette pairs best with denim shorts for a more relaxed and seasonal spring/summer approach. To add to the androgynous elements of your look, we recommend combat boots such as Doc Martins, a leather baguette or waist bag, and funky sunnies to tie your alternative look together.


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