Staying cozy and bright during November and January is an easy thing to do — holiday lights abound, the promise of vacation lingers, and lots of food and alcohol surround you. It’s after New Year’s when the coziness turns a pallid shade — the shade, in fact, of the train steps when you’re walking to work through grey slush. But! I am here to argue that staying cozy is not only possible in late January/February, but a HIGHLIGHT of this time. You can take all the cheer of the holidays and translate it into the wild west of late winter — get drunk at home wrapped in a blanket with a ‘90s thriller on, and plug in those Christmas lights. Hygge is yours to have.

First things first…

A cozy-ass blanket: The staple of the hygge experience. A thick blanket that swaddles you like an infant (a…wine-drinking infant) as you Netflix Frasier (a show that’s really coming back!)

A late-90s Gwyneth Paltrow movie: This is SPECIFIC, but it suits the mood. I recently cozied up on the couch to Gwyn’s 1998 rom-com-dram Sliding Doors, and the whole thing is all soothing ‘90s color palettes and Dido’s “Thank You”

A fragrance: One that smells like the fireplace your apartment doesn’t have.

A lamp for warm lighting: No dim, cold overhead lighting here. The more warm glows, the better: sparkly string lights, a lamp, etc.

Hot tea: You need a cup of something with steam, of course. Hot cocoa is the go-to, but if you’re fending off a cold or want something a little healthier but still cozy, Tea Forte’s trio of chai teas has your back.

A chunky, oversized sweater: Last but of course never least, an ever-so-slightly worn, chunky knit, large sweater that feels like heaven. And yes, you never wash it and that’s kinda gross, but that’s part of its MAGIC.


Wool Logo Blanket, Brown

495$ $250


Replica By The Fireplace Fragrance



Type 75 Floor Lamp




Amber Candle



Chakra Tea Trio



Oversized Ribbed Wool Turtleneck Sweater - Cream

645$ $323


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