How Young Fashionistas Are Dealing With The Quarantine

This quarantine is beginning to be really hard on all of us. Students are forced to take classes online, freelancers are losing their jobs and we don’t even know what the future of fashion is.


Because a huge population of us are under lockdown alone, it’s important that we find proper outlets to express ourselves. Seeing how other people do it feels like inspiration that one needs to keep moving. 


We asked fashionistas around the world how they are dealing with the quarantine and while some of us wish this was over, you might be surprised to know that some people have finally had the time to sit down and make the work they’ve always dreamed of making. 


So, how are young fashionistas dealing with the quarantine? 


I got a summer internship in New York before all the madness began and it’s been canceled. I’m a junior so this summer was supposed to be my last internship before graduation and joining the workforce. The hardest thing is just the uncertainty and not knowing when this will end and we will resume normalcy. I feel terrible for all my friends who are seniors and now won’t be able to experience actual graduation and have graduated with the workforce as it is right now… I just don’t think this is the best time to get an (art school) education. I’ve started focusing a lot more on my health; spending time cooking/baking and working out to get my mind off things and helping my mom with some of her work. 
Malia Arcuri, 21 year old studying Fashion Marketing and Management at The Savannah College of Art and Design


I have to work and take classes at home but it seems nearly impossible. I have no motivation for my job even though it’s my passion. I used to draw a lot and just being creative in general but my motivation is literally gone. I feel physically and mentally drained which has definitely affected my creativity. Everyone expects us to move on and do just as great at home, but the expectations are just way too high. No one is used to these circumstances and I guess a lot of creative people can feel that. I try to be kind to myself and not stress about deadlines or tasks. I try to sew everyday and finish projects. In my “work free time”, I set myself the goal to draw daily even if it’s just a small sketch which I found really helped me to stay productive. 
Joana Andrik,  20 year old bespoke tailor and student


The mental toll is really rough and being inside my head for this long has really forced me to see sides of myself I didn’t know I had. I cry pretty much once if not more every day about something that triggers me. Going outside for walks is my saving grace and being in a suburb at the moment is something I never thought I would be grateful to be in, since we can still walk outside and see other people walking their dogs. Stories on instagram have kept me going and help me feel a lot better knowing we’re all in this together and crying randomly throughout the day is okay.  
Natalie, 20 year old Journalism major at Cal State Long Beach


I had to leave London in a bit a rush to come back to my family home in Worcestershire (in the English countryside, aka the middle of nowhere) to quarantine. When I’m here, I don’t leave the house much so there is no need to dress up, and tend to live in basic, comfy clothes. I didn’t bring any of my ‘fun’ or dressier clothes back with me and have surprisingly found that I really miss them. Despite the fact that getting dressed remains seemingly trivial in the context of a global pandemic, I can’t stop thinking about when I will next get to wear my favourite things, or new outfits that I could put together. I think that the act of getting dressed has taken on even more importance in this odd time. When we have so little to do, clothing, like cooking, really becomes an activity to look forward to.

Eve Eberlin, 21 year old student, studying History of Art in London


I’m finding it very hard to maintain motivation for my class work, particularly the design and process documentation part, and get distracted working on my own independent projects. We haven’t been having “class time” or any sort of schedule. It is mainly emailing photos to the tutors and occasionally video chatting to show them our work. For a very hands on and student/tutor consultation focused degree, I don’t think online is an appropriate solution for learning. It doesn’t really feel like I’m studying and I feel quite disconnected from the university experience. I can’t blame the school though, as they’re trying to deal with the situation as best as possible and I don’t think anyone studying is in the best position at the moment.

Bella Charles, 18 year old student studying at Regents University


I am so inspired by the outside world, so being stuck inside is very hard for me. Not only that, my anxiety about the future is crippling. When will I be able to find a full time job, and will I find one by the time my student loan bills come rolling in? Because of this, I am having a very difficult time finding the will to sketch or sew. Just this week, though, I feel as though I had an epiphany. I suddenly realized that I am being given this time, where I have no real responsibilities, and I need to use it. I have begun sketching again, and I have plans to slowly begin building the brand that I have always dreamed of. Who knows if this will last, or where we’ll all be in the next few weeks, but it’s something to hold onto. It’s something to give myself purpose again, and something to work towards.

Rachel Palko, 22, recent fashion design grad from Little Appalachian State University


It’s rough being indoors all day. I really miss getting dressed up to go to class or to go out. I had to move back in with my parents for now and the majority of my clothing, shoes and jewelry are still in my NYC apartment. I haven’t gone thrifting in over a month and at this point it’s become a part of me routine to go and look through the racks. It’s almost meditative for me. I’ve been working to just sell my extra clothing to make some extra money at this time and get dressed up when I have to go to the post office or grocery store. I’ve been also been sewing masks and I made a bunch in fabric I like such as a few tie dye ones and my latest a red gingham! I can’t wait till I can fully feel like myself again but I’m just trying my best to feel ok.

Eliyana Beitler, 20 year old student at SVA


I had just started an internship on Anna Sui’s production team and it was a thrill (while it lasted!) It started at the beginning of the year, but was suppose to run through April. During the quarantine, I’m staying home like the rest of us but I find myself sometimes resentful of the fact that something I worked so hard to achieve is now being taken away without any notice. With that, I have found myself becoming less inclined to get dressed and use fashion as a creative outlet for me during this time. 

Emmy Hubbard, 20 year old fashion merchandising major at FIT 


During the first week of quarantine, my disappointment started to set in. I felt like I didn’t know what to do with myself as my plans were canceled. After a lot of thinking, I realized everyone in this industry is in the same position: jobless, confused and sad. I’ve started to improve my sewing skills so I can produce my own designs. As well as sewing, I’ve taught myself to knit as I can no longer work with knitters on my collection during this time. Long story short, learning is one of the most important things I feel like I can do during this time. As I’m fresh out of high school, I haven’t attended post secondary, so I don’t have the skills I need to do what I want. I need to learn more to truly get to where I want to be. Once this is all over, I will come to NY, do that internship, and be 100% more prepared and suited for the position. 
Kate Brown, 19 year old fashion enthusiast


During the quarantine I’ve been struggling since being in the same space for a long period of time is not dynamic/striking enough. I’ve been trying to keep stimulated and inspired by social media, however, there are times were i feel stuck. My coping mechanism for this crisis has been experimenting new outfit choices and crafting/constructing some accessories and clothes with the materials i already have at home. these are hard uncertain times and we are all struggling but i feel like it is a perfect opportunity to challenge our creativity and approach to fashion while praising diversity and chaos. 

Karla Zúñiga, 19 year old integrated design student at Parsons

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