Sprinkles and glitter, the two things that are the most fun and also hell on earth to clean up. Now, the world’s most Instagrammable museum, the Museum of Ice Cream, is having to pay $5,000 in environmental fees for their rainbow pool of sprinkles. The faux sprinkles (made of plastic) are ending up not only scattered in the museum but affecting the outside environment surrounding the space, too.

The Miami New Times reported that the miniscule plastic pieces are being found as far as two blocks away from the museum on the sidewalks and street. Dave Doebler, a local environmentalist, said that rain will sweep the faux sprinkles into storm drains and out into Biscayne Bay, where fish and other marine life will likely mistake the plastic pieces for food.

The Museum of Ice Cream is the creation of 25-year-old Maryellis Bunn (aka the “next Disney”) and opened December 13 in Miami Beach. The space consists of a series of millennial pink rooms and got its start as a temporary installation in New York City in 2016. It’s been a huge hit, with all of its 300,000 tickets selling out within five days of opening.

First, the museum was fined an initial $1,000 fine, then was fined another $2,000 on Wednesday and another $2,000 on top of that on Thursday. Now that the fun image of swimming in a pool of sprinkles for your Instagram Story got replaced by the thought of fish choking to death, what will happen next?

“We hired multiple cleaners that are working 24/7 to constantly sweep around the building as well as paying extra attention to the waterway entrance,” a museum spokesperson reportedly told the New Times. “We have already begun the process of creating a biodegradable sprinkle for our Sprinkle Pool that will be implemented in the near future.”

Similar to anything unicorn-hued, sometimes things work out on Instagram so much better than they do IRL.


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