INFRINGE Magazine Is The Anti-Influencer Of Hair

INFRINGE Magazine is not for the faint of heart—at least when it comes to hair. The niche magazine brings the obscurity of art haus to tresses, bringing outlandish ideologies to classic styles. Never have we thought of “wavy hair” as a skyscraper-esque crown of crystallized ombre strands, engulfed in a sea of glitter-covered cellophane, until we took one look the futuristic phenomena that founder and editor-in-chief, Anthony Mascolo, crafted with his wife and esteemed makeup artist, Pat.

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“I come from a family of hairdressers, and my wife Pat and I have worked together in this world for over 30 years—it’s been an amazing journey. INFRINGE has been an idea that’s been playing on our minds for a long time,” says Mascolo. “We see it as a chance to pay tribute to a world which has given us everything.”


And birthed their homage to the world the pair has been consumed by, with a forward-thinking twist that goes beyond the average beauty guru aesthetic. As a confessed anti-surveyor of the modern trends that float within our Pinterest boards, the magazine is more than a hairdresser’s guide to creating “trendy” looks… It’s actually quite the antithesis. It’s more than a touch of cool kid art style, but a full-force punch of the unexpected structures that can be created with something as simplistic as a full head of hair.

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“It was always really important to us that INFRINGE aims to delve deeper into the hair world, beyond the here and now, the passing trends,” says Mascolo. “We see it more as a way to approach subjects that we’re also interested in: art, culture, design, fashion… all viewed through the framework of hair. There’s such a massive amount of hair creativity out there that it’s just snowballed since we started the website and magazine. Our team is always digging up the most unusual stories, and meeting the most amazing characters.”


Overall, INFRINGE is much more than hair: it’s a powerhouse for creativity that swings a pickaxe at the fine divide between the verticals of beauty, fashion, and art. As a fledgling publication with only three issues released within it’s two-year run, they’ve already gain a cult following of  over 45 thousand followers on Instagram. It goes to show that the world of hair is no longer a 60-minute quick-whipped video of balayage highlights and classic waves, but an in-depth look at the unspoken identity each and every strand is mended into.

INFRINGE Magazine Is The Anti-Influencer Of Hair 5

To see more, head to INFRINGE Magazine’s website and Instagram.

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