Inside Bella Hadid’s Victoria’s Secret Show Diet

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in New York is only a few weeks away, which means the angels are doubling down on workouts and diets. Over the weekend, supermodel Bella Hadid shared pictures of her immaculate fridge on Instagram, which is already looking like an organic deli, stocked to the brim with neat rows of healthy, nosh-able snacks. She’ll need them. Hadid told People in 2016, “[I’ve been] working out for three hours every day,” citing “hard protein” as her main energy source.


Inside Bella Hadid's Victoria's Secret Show Diet Inside Bella Hadid's Victoria's Secret Show Diet 1


From the looks of things, Hadid maintains a pretty healthy diet, but not in a depraved way. Her fridge is filled with tons of fruits and vegetables, cured meats, cheeses, nut butters, and beverages like Kombucha and BluePrint juices. She even has multiple flavors of San Pellegrino soda, which has about as much sugar as a can of Sprite.


Unrelated, but also relevant, her organizational skills will be much appreciated when she and her boyfriend The Weeknd move into his new TriBeCa condo. I mean really, who doesn’t love an organized roommate?


Image(s): Getty, Instagram / @BellaHadid


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