Glossier fans are an obsessive breed (I’m preaching their products, and I’ve been using them for less than a year!), and Devin McGhee, a grad student from Atlanta, is no exception. She bought her first Glossier product over a year ago and started posting her favorite products on Instagram. Not long after, the brand reached out and invited Devin to be a brand rep.

A year after becoming a rep, she launched @glossierbrown, an Instagram account for people of color who love Glossier. “Glossier does a great job remaining inclusive with their campaigns and advertisements, but regardless of which brand and products, I always conduct my own research prior to making my first purchase,” Devin told Teen Vogue. “At the time, I only found a handful of black and brown YouTubers showcasing how they use Glossier products, but I knew there were more women of color out there using them, and it was important that the world got to see that.”

People can tag Glossier Brown to be featured on the page, and the photos are beautiful, each image featuring the signature dewy, natural look of the brand’s products. Devin herself posts photos from time to time, like a post on March 8 featuring her wearing Boy Brow, Cloud Paint and Birthday Balm Dotcom.

“As a chocolate woman, my skin’s undertones change with the seasons. Therefore, in the winter, I mix Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint in Deep and Rich for the perfect shade. Whereas in the summer, Rich is my perfect shade alone. But no one knows that unless we share that information with each other, like girlfriends,” McGhee told Teen Vogue.

The account hasn’t been around for long, and it’s already garnered a following with a community feeling. In the comments, people are saying things like “HERE FOR THIS ACCOUNT” and letting Devin know they’ll use her code for their next purchase.

“Ultimately, I want the Glossier Brown Instagram page to be the go-to for women of color interested in trying Glossier products or that are already obsessed with Glossier products,” she says. “Like a picture. Comment. Say hi! We’re all sisters here!”


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