Instagram’s Highest Paid Star Is Not Even The Most-Followed

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t necessarily have to have the hight number of fans engaging with your every move to be the most influential. That’s right, in a world where the likes of “head of influencer marketing” are coveted positions, there’s only one who requires almost over a million dollars to hock your products via an Instagram upload, and that’s Kylie Jenner. 


Wait, what? Jenner is far from the most-followed. Above her soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo (he still holds the title for the largest Instagram follow count), then Ariana Grande (the female with the most followers on the app), Selena Gomez…hell, even sister Kim Kardashian beats out Kylie. 


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Jenner, based on data collated by Hopper HQ, charges almost 1.3 million to post an ad to her account, making her easily the most expensive for brands to recruit, whereas Ronaldo can only secure a measly $975,000. Grande comes in second with $990,000 per post, whereas Kim, the original Kardashian, brings in $910,000. Perhaps the most surprising: Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson makes up the top 10 with $882,000 rate. 


So what of pop’s other megastars? Well, Taylor Swift (who has 119 million followers and this year been declared the world’s richest entertainer) and Selena Gomez (153 million) are no match for Jenner, requiring $748,000 and $886,000, respectively. The two are closely followed by Queen Bey herself, who asks for $785,000 per post. 


Essentially, each of these celebrities has the capacity to make the year’s salary of a Harvard-educated, highly successful Wall Street bro with a hit of the “post” button.  Reassuring, isn’t it?

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