Irina Shayk Invented Breakup Style

In some very distressing news, Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk—rumored to have been on the rocks for some time—have called its quits. Breakups are never easy, but if you can get through it and look chic in the process, you deserve an award.


Which is, apparently, Shayk’s self-mandate. She emerged from the pair’s shared apartment wearing a Burberry boiler suit, combat boots, and oversized sunglasses with an Away suitcase and winter coat (curious) in tow. Finishing the look with delicate hoops and a slicked ‘do, the supermodel assures she is not here to play games.


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In fact, this look is very, very vocal. It declares I’m moving on to bigger and better, claims I won’t accept anything less than the best, and reiterates Now is not the time. The boiler suit articulates that Shayk could change a tire and decimate your self-esteem in one fell swoop, the Away luggage wants you to know she’s a jetsetter that takes any setback in her stride, and the oversized sunglasses sends a clear message that we will never really have access to her.


She’s impeccably no-nonsense, and frankly, we’re grateful. At her worst, Shayk beats any of us at our best. Hats off.



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