Is Avon Cool Again?

For decades, Avon was a force to be reckoned with: it was middle America’s women’s brand of choice—in both terms of buying and selling. Attending your aunt’s “Avon party” was a rite of passage in your tween years, and smearing smudgy shades from the teeny eyeshadow palettes in your mother’s makeup bag was an introduction to cosmetics in just about every girl’s childhood.


But with the digital age in full-gear, it seems like the door-to-door Avon saleswoman has faded away. Has one of the world’s former front-runners in the industry been laid to rest in a hot-pink coffin with the rest of the brands of yesteryear?


Not at all. Actually, Avon is just getting started in the digital age of beauty.


According to Business of Fashion, the “multi-level marketing” brand may have suffered a decline in sales over the past decade, mainly due to their lack of connection to the younger millennial crowd, but is now slated to have a modern renaissance.


Finally, the brand is working on revamping its approach to customers through the vein of the digital world. That means less telemarketing, and more sliding into your DMs with links to “digital storefronts.” Business of Fashion also reports that the brand is going to rip a page out of Fashion Nova’s book, and is focusing on becoming a “fast-beauty” brand, creating bulk-loads of products within weeks for half the price of expensive department store and Sephora-based brands. Does this mean inexpensive dupes of our Fenty Beauty favorites? Maybe, but will these cheaper alternatives stay true to quality over quantity? Only time can tell.


The brand is also working on improving their approach to inclusivity. While the average Avon saleswoman of past decades tended to fall under the “cis-gendered and white” category, they’re trying to open their reach by expanding their shade ranges on a variety of their products. Avon is also starting to use models of all shapes, sizes and genders within their ads, with one of their most successful strides being the recent Mexican campaign with transgender activist Victoria Volkova for their latest fragrance launch, Aura.


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Avon recently tested out their latest tactics on their bigger markets overseas, and it seems to be working: their Brazilian Instagram account has over 2 million followers, and the Avon Mexico handle has a reach of over 100K. But, will they finally get themselves out of the Ponzi-scheme pigeonhole in the US? We’ll see about that when the new year rings in.

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