J. Lo’s Glitter Bodysuit In ‘Hustlers’ Deserves An Oscar

Very rarely does a film with a star-studded ensemble cast live up to the hype, but Hustlers—especially if J. Lo’s barely-there sparkly bodysuit is any indication—might be the exception. 


The film stars Lili Reinhart, Constance Wu, Cardi B, Lizzo and guaranteed to be a box office smash, but the real star is J. Lo’s aforementioned onesie—visible for just a split second. In the first scene of the trailer, the megastar gives Wu a lesson in pole-dancing, before the camera cuts to Lopez twirling on the pole in a shower of cash wearing a backless and frontless, gravity-defying little number with tassels a-swinging. 


J. Lo's Glitter Bodysuit In The 'Hustlers' Trailer Deserves An Oscar 1J. Lo's Glitter Bodysuit In The 'Hustlers' Trailer Deserves An Oscar


How its staying in place amid these superhuman feats, it’s unclear, but this lingerie is doing the lord’s work. Check out the Hustlers trailer, below, and if you’re looking for a bodysuit of the like, we’ve rounded up the best styles to suit every mood here



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