Paolo is a gorgeous male model in the process of figuring out a complicated algebra equation. He turns away from the chalkboard, completely naked, everything, you know, hangin’ out. If this concept for a T-shirt doesn’t interest you, then you won’t be into J.W. Anderson and Alasdair McLellan’s new collaboration.

Steamily (but artistically!) NSFW, J.W. Anderson and Alasdair McLellan’s new collaboration — dropping today — are two British fashion favorites who first collaborated on an image series of nudes and cloudscapes in 2017. They’re back with a similar theme: Alasdair’s signature of very pretty boys against English countryside backdrops.

The collab is a takeover of the J.W. Anderson workshop in Shoreditch, with six McLellan images being displayed on everything from mugs to posters, badges to limited edition T-shirts — and an actual jigsaw puzzle. Dropping tonight, you can find the collection at or if you happen to be in London, pop by Shoreditch High Street. 

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