Did Jacquemus Just Shade Kylie Jenner?

Just when you thought it was safe for Kylie Jenner to go back on vacation for her new skincare line via a branded private jet with influencer friends, there’s new trouble in paradise—all over a naked photo. 


Like anyone with a fresh spray tan and an impressive Airbnb that’s even better IRL, Jenner stripped down and donned Jacquemus for a naked pic. Except, we’d seen something of the like before. Multiple times, in fact, and people did not hesitate to claim inspiration for her nude-in-wide-brim-hat picture. 



“This looks awfully familiar,” commented beauty vlogger-cum-influencer, Amanda Ensing, on Jenner’s post. “From the words of Kim K ur not on my mood board,” Jenner responded, before adding the picture was inspired by a Pinterest journey.


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But it doesn’t end there, not only did Real Housewife Kim Zolciak document herself in similar pose months prior to both Ensing and Jenner’s uploads, but someone else through his hat in the ring (no pun intended): Jacquemus himself. Offering what appears to be the origin of the naked-in-big-hat photo, the French designer deviated from his trademark triptych to send a message. The post, which garnered hundreds of “shade” comments, was captioned simply “SUMMER” and has since been deleted. For reference, this was the photo he originally uploaded. 


Did Jacquemus Just Shade Kylie Jenner?


After Jenner has worn Jacquemus’ designs over and over during her Turks and Caicos vacation, why would the fashion wunderkind call her out? And moreover, why would he delete the post within minutes?


Frankly, only time will tell, but if there is any drama more niche than naked women in hats on Instagram, I would like to hear about it. 



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