Bury Me In This Diamond Jacquemus Gown

Subverting industry standard, Jacquemus deviated from the fashion schedule amid Paris Men’s Fashion Week to present a 10th anniversary co-ed collection in the lavender-filled fields of Provence. It was, in short, a calendar come-to-life.



Identified by Vogue Runway both as Spring 2020 menswear and Spring 2020 ready-to-wear, models were sent down a pink catwalk in a collection that was  truly stand-out for the young designer—gender-bending items and his trademark use of color harking back to ‘La Bomba.’ Of all the superb looks (from stringy mini-dresses to oversized suits and a certain pair of pink sandals), there was one that stood out: a floor-length, tiered, layered pale green gown with diamond buttons.


Bury Me In This Jacquemus Gown

Are you okay? Are you still breathing? Tell me if you can feel your pulse. I certainly can’t. As we wait for this to hit stores, peruse the rest of the collection, below.




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