If there’s one thing Jaden Smith loves to do, it’s wax philosophical in tweet-length, first-letter-of-each-word-capitalized thoughts — aka he’s a perfect candidate for a Reddit AMA. Smith did just that on Wednesday to promote the release of his studio album SYRE. The album took him three years to complete, and reviews have been mixed. Smith is one of the more entertaining, interesting young celebrities out there right now, however, so credit where credit is due.

Smith’s Reddit answers were somehow both honest and enigmatic, and these were some of the most Jaden. Read the AMA in full here.

808s or Yeezus?


Do you actually have a tattoo on your torso?

No But I Will Soon

What new, non-hip hop song do you recommend?

505 – Arctic Monkeys

If you could choose any five artists to feature on your next project, who would they be?

Kendrick, Bon Iver, EARL, Justin Bieber, lola wolf

What is something no one would ever guess that you fuck with?

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

If you were in the startup world, what technology would you want to be working on?

Artificial Intelligence

What’s Frank Ocean’s number? But for real, what’s he like to hang with?

It Makes Me Nervous To Hang Out With Him, Cause He Is Too Talented

Lmao ignored the majority of that question my guy

How Can Questions Be Real If Our Eyes Aren’t Real

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