Some Thoughts On Jake Gyllenhaal’s Single Gold Chain

Jake Gyllenhaal is the midst of a press tour for the Spiderman franchise. He has decided, evidently, that this is the time he will ascend to full “papa” status. How can you tell? I hear you snidely query. Well, well, this is how:


Some Thoughts On Jake Gyllenhaal's Single Gold Chain


Look at that single—definitely 24 carat—gold chain, look how it contrasts, nay glistens, upon Jake Gyllenhaal’s forest green tee. And that’s not the only time Gyllenhaal opted to dress like a conservative rapper or Sicilian mafia boss from 1985 with early onset diabetes, he wore it again, this time accessorizing a black tee.


It’s enough to send the Internet into a spiral, and in fact, after this video, that’s exactly what we did. In fact, we had thoughts.


Alix Guiterrez (associate art director): Guys who wear a single gold chain are hot.


Beatrice Hazlehurst (deputy news editor): Chain me up.


Jennifer Hussein (beauty editor and Long Island-native): This is big Long Island energy.


Callia Hargrove (social director): En fuego.


Alyssa Hardy (senior fashion editor): Slack [the messaging platform via which we digitally communicate] is canceled.


Jess Teves (editor-in-chief): I just spit.


And that’s about it. Maybe consider a single gold chain for yourself, this coming July Fourth.


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