James Comey’s Cocktail Menu Is Just A Little Cringeworthy

Former FBI Director James Comey’s cocktail menu had a lot of people groaning when BuzzFeed reporter Steven Perlberg tweeted out a photo of the cocktail menu.

Drink names included “Lordy, I Hope There Is Vodka” (ingredients: a martini with one* olive and one* “scoop” of vermouth *attendees with White House credentials receive two), Deep State, and Transcontinental (pinot noir in a paper cup). The drink name that takes the cake is [Redacted], gin & tonic with a “secret” ingredient.

People on the internet were cringing at this list, with one Twitter user tweeting, “Where’s pee tape”. Also, an important question: While we get the “scoop” reference, what exactly does that mean in regards to how much vermouth ended up that in that drink?

The event was in celebration of Comey’s new book, A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership, which was released on April 17. The first-week sales of his book, 600,000 copies in the US, have outsold the initial performances of Michael Wolff, who wrote Fire and Fury, and Clinton’s memoir What Happened.

Comey’s book talks about his career, tracing his journey from prosecuting the mafia (and Martha Stewart!) to becoming the director of the FBI starting in 2013, until being fired by President Trump last year. It’s largely being considered a book that’s a little too catty for its own good. As USA Today wrote:

Conservatives and liberals agreed the book offered no new information and that Comey lost credibility as an objective witness in the Russian investigation by throwing himself into the political fray and hurling insults at President Trump. The book also reminded folks on both the left and the right of how unhappy they were with Comey’s handling of the investigation into Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s emails during the 2016 election.

Either way, Comey has the honorable distinction of having a comic book based on his origin story, including a very good comic panel of Comey prosecuting Martha Stewart.  


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