Jason Momoa Had the Ultimate Oscars Accessory—And You Can Too

There’s no one who sets hearts racing quite like *Dame* Helen Mirren, but when the actress graced the Oscars stage last night her star power was eclipsed by something else entirely. Not Jason Momoa, nor his plush, salmon Fendi suit, no no…but the show-stealing hair accessory that adorned his wrist.


Momoa’s exploration of hair-taming products is only natural considering the volume of his perpetually sea-sprayed mane, but none of us might have predicted the Hawaiian would have petitioned Fendi to create a matching velvet scrunchie to keep it under control. Of course, it sent the Twitterverse into a spiral, and earned praise from style insiders far and wide.


Considering the scrunchie was once pioneered almost solely by The Babysitters Club—and your older sister in the 90s—it’s come a long way. The revival has been slow and steady, with fashion  finally recognizing its kink-free properties and the fact it keeps hair in place sans breakage. It was a matter of time before it arrived on the Oscars’ red carpet, definitively staking out its territory in the cultural consciousness. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to invest, and what better way to start your scrunchie journey than stealing Momoa’s style.


Forever 21


Velvet Scrunchie Set


Start small with this two pack from Forever 21. If you’re a minimalist and/or commitment-phobe, you might just want to keep a couple of neutrals in rotation. The burgundy/navy colorway should more than do the trick.


Urban Outfitters


Days Of The Week Scrunchie Set


Bringing big scrunchie energy to the table with a bang, Urban Outfitters is leading the charge with these varying prints, textures and colors with a pack that covers you for every day of the week. Affordable chic? Why not.




Magicfly 40pc Scrunchie Set


It’s a little disturbing that you can purchase 40 velvet hair ties for under $20, but Amazon is nothing if not committed to providing you the most for less. For those prone to losing track of their accessories, it might be a good idea to have a few dozen back-ups.




Chou Chou Velvet Scrunchie


Looking to spice things up? This bunny-eared baby pink scrunchie with a charm feature definitely provides the drama. It’s also a welcome variation on the classic shape, making for an even stronger statement—like Momoa, we all need our moment in the sun.


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