The Internet’s Favorite Zaddies Are Taking Over Beauty Blogging

First, John Mayer brought us a sweet symphony in ode to his love of Lush bath bombs, then Frank Ocean taught all of us about the joys of retinol, and now Jeff Goldblum is the latest in celebrity men to embrace the wonderful world of skincare.


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The silver fox made his debut as a beauty influencer on none other than Instagram stories (which is, coincidentally, also Mayer’s favorite platform to weigh in on beauty products)  with a face mask and a touch of reluctance.



Wife and professional dancer/contortionist/dream girl Emilie Goldblum documented a hesitant Jeff in his journey to softer skin via her Instagram account, filming him test out the influencer-favorite Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask. Unlike a proud and boastful Mayer, a shirtless Goldblum (bless) hides away behind his pillow as Emilie records his quest to detoxed pores; a scenario every man in a relationship is far too familiar with.



While Goldblum was hesitant at first, it seems like we have a beauty convert on our hands. In a post-mask video, Emilie documents Jeff’s glowing, dewy complexion on all of its glory—before proceeding to make out with him on camera. Ah, skincare, bringing couples together one face mask at a time.


As for you, @ John Mayer: We need a beauty collab video with Jeff. The world deserves it.

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