Joanna Coles, Chief Content Officer, and Her Treadmill Desk Are Leaving Hearst

It’s been quite the summer for the fashion industry and its veterans. Longtime Condé Nast and Vogue staffers Tonne Goodman and Phyllis Posnick both recently took up contributor roles, while rumors about Anna Wintour’s departure still swirl, despite her *personally* shooting them down in a recent Business of Fashion interview. Now, it seems that Hearst’s Joanna Coles is making an exit as well.

Last week, it was rumored that Coles, Hearst’s chief content officer, would be leaving the company she joined in 2006. Prior to taking the reigns as the chief content officer, she was the editor-in-chief of Cosmpolitan magazine. She also headed up the production of the now-cancelled E! show “So Cosmo“.

On Monday, Coles posted a video of her on her walking treadmill desk, looking back at all the highlights from her #glossylife.

“My route is being recalculated,” Coles said. “It’s time for a new adventure. I’m going to take some time off.”

Her future plans are vague, but involve some quality time with her kids. She says that she will have more news come fall.

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