Your Tutorials Are A Wonderland: Reliving John Mayer’s Best Beauty Moments

Fact: John Mayer is a beautiful, beautiful man. Yes, he may have had a few questionable moments in his past, but he is a changed man—well, at least when it comes to his beauty routine. 


Throughout his career, Mayer has gone from early ’00s heartthrob, to Dead Head, to the Internet’s (un)official king of beauty vlogging. Though there are some coming for his crown (exhibit A: Jeff Goldblum), Mayer has proven time and time again that he reigns supreme as everyone’s favorite male beauty maven. In case you needed some proof, here are some of the best tips from our go-to beauty guru, John Mayer:


Tip #1: Work your “orbital socket” into a smokey eye

Tip #2: Don’t forget to practice the precise “Direct Application Technique” when it comes to skincare—a.k.a, D.A.T.

Tip #3: The key to a flawless complexion? Do not eat. Do not love. Do not manifest any form of happiness.

Tip #4: Your favorite Lush bath product should be Jelly Bomb (which Mayer wrote a sonic ode to, equipped with dancing jelly monster gifs).

Never stop, John.

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