Jonzu Jones Is The Fashion Industry’s Triple Threat

Jonzu Jones isn’t just a stylisthe lives life fully immersed in style. From his editorial work to his street style to his modeling, Jones possesses that sort of fashion je ne sais quoi that not many people have. His work has appeared everywhere from L’Officel, Vogue Italia, Creem, And Men, Fault, and more, and he’s modeled for major editorials in Hunger Magazine and Another, to name a few.   


I am a born and raised New Yorker…a rare breed apparently. I started off in design, studying it in high school and college,” Jonzu says, explaining why he loves fashion so much. “While going to school for fashion design in college, I decided to assist stylists to add to my credits. I ended up loving styling much more and switched from design to styling.”



When it comes to his personal style, Jonzu has a sort of Matrix vibe with sleek silhouettes, muted tones, and long jackets. “I like the idea of looking forward,” he explains. :”I love nostalgia as well, but I always want to challenge our ideas of the future and what can be plausible when it comes to fashion. I feel like we have been stonewalled a bit with the retro and vintage trends and very few people are pushing forward-thinking ideas and concepts.”



But when thinking toward the actual future—not just the one being manifested in his style—Jonzu is ready for “less obsession with the ‘influencer’ and more focus on art and raw creativity.” He also notes that “we are in a time now where anything and everything goes but at the same time; anything and everything can trigger or upset a group of people.” 


As for what’s next, Jonzu says he’s expanding beyond fashion. “In the near future I have a couple personal projects in the works,” he says. “The other is a music endeavor. I have been procrastinating a bit with it, but am planning to have a couple solid tracks out in the next few months. The sound would for sure go hand-in-hand with my overall aesthetic.” 

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