Lady Gaga’s Facialist On The Art Of Summer Skincare

Lady Gaga: mother of monsters, crooner of notes, and of course, queen of beauty. Though her latest venture is cosmetics brand, Haus Laboratories, there’s one aspect of her entire look that is still an enigma to many of us: her crystal-clear, flawless complexion.


Whether she’s on the Met Gala red carpet with dagger-sharp lashes or going makeup-free for the big screen (who could forget her impeccable glow in A Star Is Born?), Gaga’s skin is as perfect as perfect gets—and it’s all thanks to her go-to facialist, Joomee Song.


The Los Angeles-based facialist is not only Mother Monster’s favorite in all of SoCal for the past five years, but is such a crucial key in Gaga’s dewy glow that she comes on tour with her, has prepped her skin for most of her awards circuit travels, and basically tags along with her everywhere she goes.


So, how does one manifest the Gaga glow? Read below to find out Song’s essential skincare tips for full summer radiance:  

Tell us a bit about the treatments you use on Gaga, what are their benefits?

I usually do my Kaika facial massage with Japanese micro-current on her and almost everyone that I work on. You can see and feel immediate results after the treatments that are tightening, lifting, brightening, making the face more contoured, changing the skin texture, helping with less redness, clearing the nasal pathway. 


It’s interesting that you approach facials from a massage standpoint. Why do you think it’s so important?

The strongest muscles are located in our face. In addition, cranial nerves (the nerves that relay information between the brain and parts of the body) are located inside of our skull. Those should be enough reason to pay more attention to having healthy blood flow around the face and head to ease tension that we all carry.


By releasing tension in our facial muscles, more blood flow is created which means more oxygen and nutrients are been delivered to the area. Having the optimum mechanism in our face will bring more supple, brighter, chiseled, tighter skin with less redness. And isn’t that why we forever chase, “Anti-aging”? We spend tons of money doing treatment after treatment, without realizing that having a healthy mechanism in your face will deliver what any creme can achieve.


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If someone isn’t able to come visit you, do you have any tips to practice proper facial massages at home?

Each of us carries tension in our face differently, but generally, massage with gentle circular motions where you feel tightest, such as the masseter [the sides of your jaw], temporal or around the eyes. It would be best if you can sit in a bath while your body is warm.


What is the skincare routine you’ve prescribed to your clients?

I rely on the amount of oil production on every client that I work on, especially for the treatments before a red carpet event.  So, the most frequent things that I tell my clients are: 

  1. Use non or less chemical exfoliations in between.  
  2. Don’t over cleanse, but cleanse properly. 
  3. It’s better to have clogged pores than clean pores with inflamed skin.

What’s the one skincare tip you think everyone should follow for summer?

Our skin tends to lose more water due to the heat and sweating during the summer, so layer the toners or apply more water based products. Use less oil based products which cause more clogged pores in the hot/sweaty season. And most importantly do a lot less exfoliation during the summer since the sun is so much stronger because the skin becomes more susceptible to the sun after an exfoliation. 


What’s one essential product that you think everyone should use to maintain their skin in the summer?

Vitamin C is a must! Vitamin C isn’t only for repairing damaged tissues, Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) is actually being listed as one of the sunscreen ingredients in Japan. So if you have to pick one product for the summer, Vitamin C is it. My favorites for this summer are the Circumference Vital-C antioxidant Day Serum and Maelove Glow Maker.



Vital-C Antioxidant Day Serum



Glow Maker



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