Your high school self and, let’s be real, probably your current self will be very excited to hear this: Juicy Couture, that brand whose velour tracksuits you so coveted in middle/high school, is having their first New York Fashion Week show.

The brand has been planning their comeback for some time now. Starting with the company’s purchase by Authentic Brands Group in 2013, ABG proceeded to close all Juicy stores. Then, in August, celebrity stylist Jamie Mizrahi was hired to take the reins of design. Most recently, Juicy did a Spring 2017 collab with Vetements, cementing the label’s high fashion comeback. And now, it’s fashion week time. 

On Monday, Juicy Couture announced they will make their debut during NYFW’s Fall 2018 show next month. The presentation will take place in the afternoon on Thursday, Feb. 8, but the location has yet to be disclosed. Juicy Couture Black Label will be included, as well as some runway-specific pieces.

“Juicy Couture is synonymous with the tracksuit, an association that is a great source of pride for us,” Mizrahi told Business of Fashion. “That said, as a global brand it’s important that consumers know we offer so much more.” This is very good to know, but also brb searching “juicy couture tracksuit vintage” on eBay.


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