Justin Bieber Has a Weird, Hilarious Finsta Account


Finstas, the trend that your teenage relatives have been all about for a minute now, has been embraced by the young Hollywood elite. First, Rebekka Harajuku, Bella Hadid’s alter ago while she was touring in Japan, was discovered. Now, it looks like Justin Bieber has a delightfully bizarre finsta (fake Instagram) by the name of @skylarktylark_ and his account gained a huge 154k following in one day alone.

Paper did a very spot-on job of describing the essence of a finsta:

Almost every person who puts effort into curating their content will have a “fake” insta, generally private and followed by best friends only, where they post memes and pictures of their unfiltered life with no pressure to adhere to a certain aesthetic. These accounts are usually titled with a punny take on your own name, a personal joke, double entendre or a pop culture reference (i.e. “@kyliejennersbaby”).

So far, in spite of its 154k following, there are only two posts on Skylark Tylark’s account: a blurry photo of Bieber with a pink bandana around his neck and small (Kanye-friendly) sunglasses. “Peep my shades” is the caption. (lolol) The first post is also him wearing small shades with Bella Thorne partying in the background.

A post shared by Skylark Tylark (@skylarktylark_) on

His official (aka non-finsta) Instagram account just yesterday featured Beyoncé’s body with Bieber’s head photoshopped on top of it. “Y’all need to meet my sister Rachel Bieber,” the caption says. Justin, we don’t fully know what’s going on, but we’re absolutely here for it.

The interesting aspect of this celeb finsta trend is that they’re publicly known. It would make sense for a famous person to have a super-secret account for their closest friends, but people like Bieber or Hadid have made these available to fans. It’s a celeb democracy, which I suppose in many ways is what social media is about. Enjoy the joke while you can.



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