Justin Bieber Thought “Goo Goo” Looked Good At The Met Gala

By now, you’ve seen the majority of the Met Gala looks and selected your favorites. How fun—particularly when you have no stake in the game. For the stylists, the makeup artists, the hairdressers, the designers, and apparently the husbands who didn’t attend, the process is a little more nail-biting. But it’s all worth it when ‘Goo Goo’ looks good.


Justin Bieber, presumably alone in Los Angeles heatedly defending Chris Brown to himself, made sure to keep up with the Met Gala red carpet coverage. His new wife, Hailey Bieber, you see, was gracing the iconic museum’s steps in Alexander Wang, and when Getty did finally did capture the model in all her pink glory, he was ready to make his declaration.


Justin Bieber Thought


“Stunning Goo Goo,” Bieber typed on his Instagram story, setting the Internet alight with the revelation of his pet name for Bieber.


Where did Goo Goo come from? Whose idea was it? What does it refer to? How should we interpret it? Where do we go from here? And just…why?


Please, Justin, give us a clue.

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