Wait…what? That’s the question that Kanye West’s most recent outfit has people asking. The “I Love It” rapper made an appearance at The FADER offices on Thursday morning. While we’re unsure as to what went down at the meeting, Kanye’s MAGA hat and Kaepernick sweatshirt has people talking.

“Brrrooo he’s wearing a kaep sweater with a [MAGA] hat. Ultimate TROLLLLLL,” one person tweeted of the outfit.

“Duality,” another wrote, praising Kanye’s eyebrow-raising sartorial choices.

The MAGA sloganizer has criticized Kaepernick in the past for kneeling during the national anthem as an act of solidarity. It’s an interesting choice of attire on Kanye’s behalf, for sure. What statement is he making? Is this the crescendo of cognitive dissonance? Does he actually believe in both parties? Or neither? Is he just trolling us? Who knows.

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