So, Kanye West Cosplayed A Skater On The Met Gala Carpet

In case you missed it (which is unlikely, but hey!, maybe you were doing something more valuable than watching rich people attend the most extravagant Halloween party of all time), last night’s Met Gala theme was ‘camp.’ Some didn’t quite get it—but tried it—some absolutely nailed it, and then there was Kanye West, who decided to attend dressed as a Bushwick skater fresh from Carmelo’s alongside wife Kim Kardashian.


“This Dickies,” West told press, as if we didn’t know. There was no mistaking the zipped and collared polyester jacket—it was worn by the skater/weed-dealer who still orbits you, it was once (when you were lucky) draped over your shoulders for the long walk home to East Williamsburg at 4 a.m., and it was mistakenly purchased by you, yourself, at a thrift store, when you tried to be ironic. For the record, it costs $40 on Amazon.


In our interview with skater meme account @TinyHat_SkateLife, the creator references Dickies not once but seven times. When asked about the standard skater uniform, she begins, “The obvious are Dickies…they’re timeless and will never go away. If you actually care, you can go to any L Train Vintage and get a pair of Dickies.” And finally, when we asked What is the most overrated skater outfit?, she answered: “Double-cuffed black dickies with the navy slip-on Vans. The most basic of all basic.”


So, Kanye West Cosplayed a Skater on the Met Gala Carpet 1


West opted for his classic Yeezy’s over Vans, but that didn’t stop him looking like Kardashian’s dead-beat boyfriend with a mildly obsessive penchant for keeping her every hair in place. A girl can dream. We followed up with @Tiny_Hat to hear her thoughts on Kanye’s ‘fit.


“Kanye’s full Dickies kit may not be camp, but it is effortless and cool,” she responded. “He doesn’t need a tiny hat.”


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Pray for us all.



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