It’s a break-the-internet moment care of the Boom Boom Room and V Magazine

Well, he's definitely not two-faced 😎 @karllagerfeld

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Folks, we might be reaching the singularity. At Monday night’s celebration at The Standard in honor of Karl Lagerfeld, Derek Blasberg captured Lagerfeld holding up a Lagerfeld mask — proof, as Blasberg expertly Instagram-captioned, that Lagerfeld certainly “isn’t two-faced.”

The masks were all the rage at V Magazine’s soiree at the Top of the Standard in honor of the designer’s trailblazer status. Masks with Lagerfeld’s face were seen on the faces of fellow inimitable divas — Kris Jenner, for one, as well as Joan Smalls (also wearing a truly delicious pink silk suit).

The bash was made even MORE complete by a performance by the queen diva herself Mariah Carey, who performed her 1993 hit “Hero,” as well as “Touch My Body” and “We Belong Together,” at the Boom Boom Room.

(As an aside, dinner guest Zosia Mamet had a brief and great soliloquy on the name. She told WWD: “I’ve never met Karl…[maybe] tonight in the Boom Boom Room,” said Mamet. “Oh, we can’t call it that anymore, right? ‘Top of the Standard.’ We had our first ‘Girls’ party here and it was called the ‘Boom Boom Room,’ and then I came to an Andrew Saffir premiere party and suddenly it was called something else. I think they didn’t like the connotation? But ‘Boom Boom Room’ is such a cooler name…it makes me think of, if I had really hip parents where they would’ve partied in the Seventies.”)

Lagerfeld wore a celestial black suit jacket with his signature black tie, gloves and shades. If you need motivation today, look at Lagerfeld next to Lagerfeld to remember that you should always go for the gold: a party where there are masks of your own face on the tables.


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