It’s Official: Kendall Jenner Is About To Become A Beauty Mogul

Overnight, Kendall Jenner has gone from supermodel to the next member of the Kardashian-Jenner family to become a beauty industry CEO. Just days after her the announcement of her toothpaste and dental collaboration with MOON Oral Care, Jenner has trademarked her own name for a collection of skincare, cosmetics, and more.


WWD broke the news that Jenner filed an interesting trademark for “Kendall” and “Kendall Jenner” earlier this month for products related to “skin, hair, makeup, and fragrance, including eau de parfum, hair-care preparations, bath and shower gels, body creams, skin cleansers, beauty masks, deodorant, lip gloss, nail polish and nail-care preparations, among others.”

Though she trademarked a lengthy list of items, only time will tell whether a brand (or brands) will fully flourish—which means there is the possibility she whittles down the roster or ditches the idea altogether. But, if she does decide to become a beauty mogul, she’s got a few hurdles beat: Not only could her venture lead to some sister rivalry, but it could also mess with her various beauty partnerships: She’s a (slightly controversial) spokesperson for ProActiv and a representative for hair care brand Formawell Beauty.


Will this drama unfold on the next season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians? Dear God, we hope so.

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