Kendall Jenner’s Moisturizer Hack Will Upgrade Your Face

We’ve become so inundated with products boasting the capacity to ‘revolutionize’ our look that sometimes we forget there’s power in going back to the basics. Well, not Kendall Jenner.


Forget your fancy glitter sticks or shimmer powders, your blotting papers or obscenely expensive primers. If you’re looking for a hydrated face that glows from the inside out, celebrity makeup artist Mary Phillips has the hack for you. The model’s right-hand woman has a system for extending the wear of makeup with just one product: moisturizer.


“I take some moisturizer, put it on the back of my hand, use a fluffy brush and buff the skin with it,” Phillips shared with Refinery29 in response to how she keeps Jenner’s face fresh without completely redoing her look. “It’s basically like a Magic Eraser and rehydrates makeup without completely removing anything.” 


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And that’s not all. Phillips explained she will opt for moisturizer as a highlighter over any product specifically designed for that purpose. “The whole point of highlighter is getting that pop of shine, not a stripe,” she said. “You don’t really want to see the highlighter, more a glow from within.” Phillips will then dab hydrating serums along the cheekbones, upper lip, and nose.


While the Kardashian-Jenner family certainly has an affinity for the type of lotions to make a dent in your pocket (namely: Créme de La Mer), you can give this tip a go withy any old day cream. In fact, you could even throw some Kylie Skin in the mix.



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