Kendall Jenner Is Getting Into The Dental Business

It’s official: The Kardashian-Jenner family has taken over our entire body. Kylie came through to bless our lips (and, as time went on, our whole faces); Kim made us smell good; Khloé resurrected denim; Kourtney taught us self-care; and now Kendall is saving our…teeth?


On Wednesday, Jenner announced her partnership with newly-launched, aesthetically-pleasing oral care brand, MOON, which is here to save your smiles of plaqueand your bathroom cabinets of ill-fitting packaging. It’s everything we want from our beauty routine: vegan, all natural, cruelty-free, and it’s all tied up in sleek black packaging. Long story short, this is the brand for people who are just too cool for Colgate.


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While this isn’t exactly Jenner’s own beauty brand (it’s founded by Shaun Neff, who made Neff headwear), she does have her own product under MOON: the Kendall Jenner Teeth Whitening Pen. For jus $19.99, a vanilla mint-flavored elixir will help your pearly whites shine. It’s filled with ingredients that Jenner touts as her “favorites:” lavender oil, strawberry extract, and honeysuckle flower.


If a clickable teeth whitening pen isn’t for you, you can grab a few of their other oral cleansing staples: a fluoride-free whitening toothpaste fueled with the influencer-favorite activated charcoal, a pack of teeny flossers, a two-pack of ultra-slim toothbrushes crafted with the finest of bristles, and more.


The line is currently on sale on the MOON website, and WWD reports that it’s slated to release in Ulta stores nationwide in May.


MOON Oral Care

Kendall Jenner Teeth Whitening Pen


MOON Oral Care

Activated Charcoal Fluoride-Free Whitening Toothpaste


MOON Oral Care

Soft Bristle Toothbrush 2 Pack



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