And now the Gordon Parks Foundation is returning the favor…

When Kendrick Lamar dropped the video for his standout track “Element.” off of Damn, it was clear that the video paid tribute to the photography of Gordon Parks, known for his striking documentation of the Civil Rights movement.

Now, in return, the Gordon Parks Foundation in Pleasantville, New York — a little over an hour outside of NYC — is paying tribute to Kendrick’s work with their new exhibition “Element. Gordon Parks and Kendrick Lamar.” The exhibit blends Parks’s images with those from the video. “At the foundation of ELEMENT. are Parks’ photo essays exploring issues related to poverty and social justice which established him as one of the most significant storytellers of American society,” the exhibition’s description states.

Directed by Jonas Lindstroem and The Little Homies (aka Kendrick and his childhood friend Dave Free), “Element.” evokes some of Parks’s strongest images in live-action recreations, from its opening shot of a hand emerging from a body of water to a shot of a young boy dragging a June bug down his face, the photographer’s Boy With Junebug image.

The exhibit runs from December 1, 2017, through February 9, 2018. You can learn more on the Gordon Parks Foundation site.


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