Three young filmmakers come together for Kenzo’s Season Zero Campaign


Two things you wouldn’t necessarily connect: fashion and orange juice. The two, however, mix seamlessly in Kenzo’s new Season Zero campaign. French director Baptist Penetticobra was tapped to create a short film called Untitled (Juice) featuring spoken-word poets rhapsodizing about the breakfast beverage, whether organic or Sunny D.

“Hurricane the people with industrial orange juice,” spoken in the film by Karmesha Clark, might be one of my all-time favorite lines just in general. Another performer says, “When I die, I’m gonna come back as the Minute Maid machine. Sitting on a shelf, always cold, contemplating society.”

Untitled (Juice) is one of three short films in the series; the other two are directed by Mati Diop and Eduardo Williams. The theme the directors were assigned to tackle was: “How do we inhabit the Earth today in 2017?” Considering Williams is from Argentina, Diop is French, and Penetticobra is based in LA, the films end up presenting a multi-continental portrait. Watch the films on until Nov. 9.


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