“Kickstarter is for projects, Drip is for people,” announces the unofficial tagline of Kickstarter’s new platform for emerging artists, Drip. The new platform, still in beta testing, is an invite-only service that, similar to Patreon, allows people to support individual artists instead of projects.

Backers, again very similar to Patreon, receive access to the artist’s work, including studio visits, field notes, and advance access to shows and work. Before Kickstarter stepped in, Drip launched in 2012 as a subscription service for indie bands and musicians. The company almost shut down in 2016 before Kickstarter acquired it. Currently, 64 members are debuting on the site with plans to expand in the coming year.

Artnet writes that “e-patrons can provide artists themselves with a steady flow of recurring payments in exchange for certain benefits—a twist on the Kickstarter model, which directs funding to projects, not people. Drip, in other words, sounds like a financial IV for emerging artists in need of a cash infusion.”

Molly Soda, LaTurbo Avedon, Reggie Watts, and Stephen Petronio are just some of the artists launching on the platform. If you’re an artist (or chef, or video game designer, or writer!), you can sign up for Drip’s newsletter here, which will notify you when the platform becomes available for all.


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