Kim and Kanye Want You to Buy Yeezys From Their Lemonade Stand

Sometimes, good entrepreneurship is about returning your roots. For Kim and Kanye, starting from scratch apparently means revisiting every child’s introduction to capitalism: the lemonade stand….but with a few upgrades.



Lemonade stands opened all over the country as part of a charitable initiative headed up by the couple, selling beverages and, wait for it, Yeezy kicks.  For $300, you can cop the unreleased Yeezy Boost 700 V2 “Geode” — any sneaker disciple’s wet dream — wit all the proceeds donated straight to the National Alliance Mental Illness.



The stands have popped up across Middle America, including Indianapolis, Texas, Ohio, Minnesota, Illinois, Iowa and South Dakota, as well as a Kim-and-Kanye run stand in their community of Calabasas. If you can’t track down one of the stands and still want to help out, you can donate to the cause here


That’s one way to quench your thirst, sneakerheads.

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