Kim Kardashian has had a rough week on social media: her first issue was cultural appropriation and now another Instagram snafu has unfolded. Flat Tummy Co., the same company behind the infamous Flat Tummy Tea that Kim K has endorsed in the past, is now selling appetite suppressants in the form of candy. Yesterday, Kim took to Instagram to post a Flat Tummy Co.-sponsored ad for the new lollipops captioned “they’re literally unreal,” and people were not happy.

The newly launched lollipops come in fun, kid-friendly flavors like grape, watermelon, yellow apple (yum?), and berry. If you look at the website’s ads, too, you get the idea that these appetite suppressants are definitely targeted towards young womenwhich is not exactly the most body positive message, especially with the staggering rate of eating disorders in America, which currently impact 30 million people in the US alone.

Flat Tummy Lollipops

via Flat Tummy Co.

While Kim has endorsed Flat Tummy Tea in the past, the diet aid is marketed as a “detoxifying cleanse” that is supposed to help you “debloat.” Appetite suppressants, on the other hand, are much more controversial in nature—the name alone implies that it’s good to suppress your cravings. The lolli’s active ingredient is a natural plant extract called Satiereal, which people argue is safe, but the overall message is still divisive.

Obviously, many people were upset that Kim Kardashian, who counts a legion of 111 million followers on her Instagram alone, would endorse a product with such negative messaging. Kim has since brought back the controversial image to her Instagram page to promote the suckers, which many fans are not pleased about.


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“This is so wrong. How can you promote this?? IT IS OKAY TO EAT. IF YOU ARE HUNGRY EAT AND NEVER SUPPRESS IT. FOOD IS FUEL AND GOOD FOR YOU,” writes one person.

Some of Kim’s fans defended the post, with one person saying, “She never told anyone to stop eating. Sometimes cravings get out of hand, hence why so much of America is obese. It’s good for people it applies to. She is not promoting the misuse of the product, she’s promoting a product. She obviously does not starve herself so why would that be her message?”

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