Kim Kardashian Joined Gigi Hadid In Ushering In Summer’s Hottest Trend

Never one to lag on a hot new trend, Kim Kardashian arrived at a Met Gala after-party last night in her second Thierry Mugler look of the night and manicure that made us all take a second look.


This season we’ve seen cow-print nails, multi-colored nails, one-hand-one-color-one-hand-another nails, but now we’re really going for it. The latest nail trend is proving to be, wait for it, tie-dye. And lord knows Kim Kardashian has proved it tenfold. To match her sky blue latex dress with a white ripple design, she had some of the most iconic tie-dye nails we’ve seen it.



The makeup mogul follows in the footsteps of Gigi Hadid who also recently wore tie-dye nails to her 24th birthday. Maybe it’s the 50th anniversary of Woodstock, our ever-dissipating privacy and craving for pre-social media freedom, or that we’re so overloaded with choice we can never just commit to one thing (or color), but tie-dye is the style set to be on everybody’s fingertips this summer. Tie-dye has been enjoying a renaissance in fashion for a strong minute now—hi, Stella McCartney and Urban Outfitters!—so it was only a matter of time before that extended to nails.




While there’s some semblance of the marble manicure here, the “dyed” effect truly takes it to the next level. From primary colors feathered out in a spiral design to bright stripes bleeding into neutrals, the style can take many different forms—each more awe-inspiring than the last. You’re going to want to head to your local salon, stat.

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