Kim Kardashian One-Upped Cardi B & Offset’s Matching Lamborghini Stunt

If one-upping was a sport, Kim Kardashian would certainly be the heavyweight champion of “one-uppery.” She always manages to throw subtle shade and jabs at her sisters and celebrities alike. No one is safe from the steely gaze and pout of Judge [Kim] Kardashian. YouTube actor Benito Skinner’s impression of Kim almost perfectly embodies what I’m talking about here.

Just watch this:

Naturally, when Kim posted Instagram Stories of herself in Miami yesterday, nothing really seemed out of the ordinary. These were, after all, just more selfies among thousands (millions?).

But, as fans noticed, these weren’t just your run-of-the-mill bikini or booty shots. No, no. In the pictures and videos Kim posted, she was wearing a neon green wig. But it doesn’t stop there: she was riding in a matching neon green Lamborghini for the evening.

Fans and paps were quick to devour the spectacle.

‪Kim at the Prime One Twelve restaurant in Miami, FL on August 16, 2018.‬

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Upon seeing this, I couldn’t help but remember when Cardi B and Offset also showed off matching Lambo’s recently.

It’s also important to note that Cardi B recently paid a visit to Kris Jenner’s home in Los Angeles.

“I’m officially [a part] of the rich people club!! I’m not poor anymore,” Cardi recently captioned a photo with Kris Jenner and Kim.

It appears that Kim truly may have a competitive streak. Instead of matching with Kanye, though, it seems like Kim just figured she would one-up Cardi and Offset all by herself. This woman is truly a subtly shady force to be reckoned with, whatever that means to you.

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