Are You Ready To Wear ‘Psalm West’?

The hot new celebrity fashion venture isn’t a Justin Bieber-run streetwear line or Beyoncé-made athleisure (even though both of these things very much exist). No, no: The next must-cop, A-List-endorsed products will apparently come via two-weeks-young Psalm West. Feel old yet?


TMZ reports all that the Kardashian-Jenner empire will soon branch out to include all business ventures, under Psalm’s name. According to the outlet, while the Kardashian’s trademark all their newborns’ names, rarely do they legally cover them for business opportunitiesand boy, have they made sure Psalm can shimmy into any business he wants.


The trademark allegedly includes hair accessories (barrettes, bands, bows, clips, ties, ornaments, pins, scrunchies, chopsticks, twisters, and wraps, as well as hair extensions and ornamental novelty pins), entertainment services, personal appearances, skin care, probiotic supplements, toy figures and doll accessories, computer software, clothing, baby bottles, furniture, strollers, beverageware, swaddling blankets, cosmetics, skin care, toys…the list goes on.


Here are some business ideas for Psalm to launch in time for his first birthday:


  1. A sunglasses range (the future is bright, etc.)
  2. A new app on which you can share photos and videos of your life in real-time that is better than Instagram thereby overthrowing Instagram and bursting the influencer bubble to the detriment of the entirety of Hidden Hills
  3. A beauty-boosting vitamins collaboration with James Charles
  4. A collection for Baby Born, so every child can have a Psalm West to care for 
  5. A tell-all memoir


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