Kim Kardashian West is Being Shamed For Straightening Her Daughter’s Hair

Everybody’s a critic, especially if your name is Kim Kardashian. Kim has been shamed and criticized for her own fashion and beauty choices in the past. However, now, it’s her 5-year-old daughter North’s straightened hair that has become the most recent subject of the Kim Kardashian backlash.

The other day, Kim posted a throwback photo of North with straight hair on her birthday. Many fans thought that North was too young to be straightening her naturally curly hair.

“Don’t straighten her hair too much it’ll ruin her curls… I did that to my hair and ruined it but I’m finally getting my natural curly hair back.”

Other fans weren’t so nice in their critiques, however, Kim responded by saying that this isn’t a regular thing. She only lets North straighten her hair “twice a year, on her birthday and birthday party!”.

Kim also received backlash for straightening North’s hair in June, and told The Hollywood Reporter, “She wanted straight hair and I straightened her hair one time. It’s funny, because online everyone thought that we pressed it and did this whole thing. It was just a flat iron.”

She continued, “I even read that she had extensions on! She has curly hair, so when you straighten her hair, it’s gonna look really long. I can’t believe people didn’t get that. Sometimes you just have to tune it out! It was her birthday and all she wanted was to try to have her hair straightened.”

If one things for sure, Kim is rarely ever trying to offend anyone (on purpose) with her style or social media posts. Unless it’s Taylor Swift.

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